We can all connect at the heart through the celebration of the Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice is the first day of the Summer Season, and I share the Contemplative Narrative for June 21st from my soon-to-be published book of 365 daily narratives that is called Journey of The Great Circle.

Here is the daily narration for June 21st

images-2                   SUMMER

In the northern hemisphere of our planet it is, once again, the first day of the Summer season, the beginning of entering a new quadrant of time within the endless seasonal circle, the one moment during the year when the apparent path of the Sun overhead is traveling across the sky on its most northern arc of its annual journey.

Today is referred to as the “Summer Solstice” (solstice means “the Sun appears to stand still”), and the Sun’s extreme northern journey across the sky makes it the year’s longest day, for from this day on, the Sun’s overhead path will once again return southward.

In relation to our personal lives, the season of Summer represents growth and development, a time that symbolizes for us the further blossoming of our individual creativity that has been inspired, seeded, and initiated during the “Spring of our lives”.

It exemplifies a time when the outer fruits of the trees, as well as the “inner fruits of our lives”, are naturally yearning for nourishment, so that our “fruits” are better able to flourish.

Summer also symbolizes for us the ripening of the “spiritual fruit of daily surrender”, a time of renewing our commitment to continue surrendering to the Essence of Life, the Divine Infinite Intelligence that’s always guiding and directing us each day.

Similar to our vegetable gardens which have been appropriately seeded during the Spring, in life, we must learn to be patient and know the “harvest” will appear at its proper time.

Just like our gardens require nourishment, this time is for deepening our compassion and love toward all sentient beings, and for extending our heartfelt care for the wellbeing of all. Furthermore during this season, we can learn to increase the “harvest of our compassion”

By intentionally practicing, in every moment, to cultivate the heart-centered ways we consciously choose to respond to life regarding each situation we encounter. The higher choices we make, based on the more compassionate perspectives we are aware of and based on keeping our “heart” open, the more freedom we’re able to experience.

Conscious heart-centered choices can also provide for us greater opportunities to creatively share our unique talents and skills that can be used to serve others.

In a symbolic way, this season is a time that can help us expand our conscious awareness of how we can better serve and contribute our individual gifts to the collective, to the larger community of our friends, co-workers, and fellow citizens.

The season of Summer is, typically, a natural time when more people are active outdoors, enjoying the warmer days, the radiant sunshine, and one another, when more people genuinely feel an instinctive urge to experience community.

We can use the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, with its radiance of solar light, as an opportunity to look within, and perceive the meaning of our life with greater clarity.

Master of Freedom

Master of Freedom Project

The Master of Freedom Project is the primary component of the Journey of the Great Circle program. The Master of Freedom project is comprised of the basic educational tools thjat are utilized to teach how to expand one’s existential perspectives of the naure of reality. This has the ability to acellerate one’s development and awareness of the following:

1) To deepen compassion for every part of life.

2) To transform destructive thought patterns into constructive worldviews

3) To contribute to creating a more harmonious sustainable world by taking responsible conscious actions.

4) To awaken great human innovation and creativity in order to consciously develop as a global family.

Welcome to the Journey of the Great Circle

The Journey of the Great Circle Program

The Journey of the Great Circle program is a multi-faceted educational program designed to help people of all ages, learn how to expand their perspectives of the nature of reality. It also enhances one’s life by helping to experience a deep connection with the Spirit of Life.

The Journey of the Great Circle program  supports the evolution of a more enlightened compassionate human society, and a more peaceful, harmonious world.

Take the Journey

June 8

The Gift of PARADOX

As the human mind expands its capabilities to explore the deeper mysteries of life and to delve into the profound aspects of the nature of reality, humanity finds that, more and more often, it comes face to face with paradox.

Paradox is the perception that two opposing realities exist at the same time. It is the notion that two levels of being that are polar opposites can both mysteriously exist all at once.

Science has discovered and proven that light has paradoxical qualities, because light can express itself both as a particle and as a wave at the same time. The difference of whether it appears to be a particle of a wave depends on the observer and the process of observation.

Through one process of observation, light will express the solidity and physicality of a particle, but in another process it will take on characteristics of a field of energy, or waves of potential.

Science has learned that in order to deal with light, it must live with this paradox, understanding that two diametrically opposed concepts of reality can both take place in the same moment.

Einstein, in his explorations of relativity, discovered that time has paradoxical qualities as well. Normally, our perception of time is that it is evenly measured and is static and unchangeable. But as an object accelerates to very fast speeds, and approaches the speed of light, time begins to slow down.

If you traveled on a spaceship near the speed of light to a distant planet and back again, the passage of time would be quite different for you in relationship to the people back on earth. When you returned to earth, hundreds of years would have elapsed, and all your friends and family would be gone.

As humanity explores deeper into the realms of consciousness and the true nature of reality, we look straight into the eyes of the more mysterious paradoxes, inviting us to embrace the thought that two different expressions of existence can occur side by side.